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Curioso Impertinente

Tino van der Sman was born in 1974 in The Hague (The Netherlands). He started his career at the age of 12 and it’s only after two years of guitar studies, when he travelled to Spain to participate in master classes from Paco Peña at the Cordoba’s festival. It was then that he wholeheartedly discovers the flamenco. His increased interest and passion for the flamenco art, eventually made him return to Spain to settle. Ever since, he has developed himself as a flamenco artist, taking classes with great masters as Gerardo Núñez, Paco Jarana, Manolo Franco or Miguel Ángel Cortés. After graduating at the Rotterdam conservatory in 1999, he leaves for his permanent stay in Seville, where he obtains a scholarship at the Cristina Heeren foundation.

It is only one year later when he himself is teaching at the very same foundation. From this moment onwards, his professional career develops quickly and he starts collaborating with Gerardo Núñez’ as first assistant during the summer courses in Sanlucar. Apart from that, Tino participates with Israel Galván’s company, performing ‘Metamorfosis’ at the XIth Biennal in Seville, next to flamenco icons as Chicuelo, Manolo Soler, El Extremeño and Encarnita Anillo.

Tino accompanied the singer Segundo Falcon; together they did a tour across Holland in 2001. He also worked with José de la Tomasa, Juan José Amador, Jesús Méndez, Antonio Campos and numerous other singers. He has played with dancer Rafael Campallo in Spain (Bienal de Sevilla 2004), Israel, México, Holland, Germany and the United States. Tino’s guitar play supported dancers as Leonor Leal, Pastora Galván and Úrsula López, Rafael de Carmen and El Choro, while performing in grand theatres like the Metropolitan (New York), the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) and Vredenburg (Utrecht).

His first album ‘Desatino’ (2004) was produced by Cepillo, with an exceptional appearance of Miguel Poveda. The second album ‘Tino’ was released in February 2007. Great artists, among others Andrés Marín, Cepillo and Sonia Miranda participate.. In 2016 his last álbum was released, Curioso Impertinente‘.

As studio musician, Tino recorded with Estrella Morente, Sal Marina, Jorge Pardo, Diego Villegas among many others.

Curioso Impertinente

- Productions -

Curioso Impertinente – Album

Every seven years all the cells of our body are renewed. So I asked myself: Do those cells have any influence on my playing? During the recordings of  “Curioso Impertinente” I suddenly realized that I was making a Sevillian cd. I consider Seville as the capital of the flamenco on the melodic aspect and my music is very melodic. But I also used a poem by the Sevillian poet Luís Cernuda in the song Jardín Antiguo. There´s a March on the record, inspired by Easter music, the famous Semana Santa of Seville and I made an arrangement of Ojos Verdes, a typical folkloric song witch is very popular in Seville.

The Romantic travellers in the 19th century wrote about Andalucia with their foreign view and called themselves “Curiosos Impertinentes”. My Curioso Impertinente” is an homage to Seville and her flamenco, the city where I am residing for more then 17 years and therefor have been reborn at least 2 times.


La Charla

- Productions -

La Charla / The Conversation

La Charla / The Conversation is a creative form of interaction. Spontaneous communication between four artists, from different disciplines within the art of flamenco, dialogue alternately expressing their ideas, emotions, and artistic concerns. A Conversation is established using the language of flamenco and classical music where the four components of the group relate their artistic concerns. They will demonstrate how purity in flamenco only exists in metaphorical sense and can only come from profound honesty and sincerity with oneself. Three immigrants and one gaditano are in search of their origins as artists with the intention of unveiling more than just an illusion of what identity can signify for each individual. La Charla / The Conversation is flamenco presented in a theatrical manner fused with dance, and classical music.

  • Cristina Hall: Dance and Choreography
  • María Marín: Classical Guitar and Singer
  • Tino van der Sman: Flamenco Guitar
  • Raúl Botella: Percussion
  • Ada Bonadei: Lighting Design
  • Félix Vazquez: Sound Technician



Lucky Eye

- Productions -

¿Noche o dia, despierto o soñando, flamenco o jazz?

Nace en Sevilla un proyecto musical de Lucky Eye donde confluyen flamenco y jazz en canciones originales compuestos por el guitarrista flamenco, Tino van der Sman y la cantante de jazz y bailaora flamenca, Esther Weekes. A ellos se suman el bajista Pablo Prada y la bateria de Alexis.

Lucky Eye es el sueño colectivo del elenco cosmopolita donde cada uno aporta su herencia cultural. El jazz y el flamenco, con su libre expresión, se prestan para experimentar y enlazar los raíces musicales, de tan diversos de los miembros del grupo. Las leyes desaparecen para poder sonámbular y despertar en nuevos territorios. En este sueño lucido el alma y el misterio del flamenco bailan con el fenómeno cambiante que es el jazz. Con Insomnio, Lucky Eye explora la búsqueda universal para expandir y escapar de los límites de la mente. Su primer disco saldrá en 2017 ya que grupo esta en pleno proceso de creación.



- Productions -

Tino van der Sman is the new teacher for Online Flamenco,
a professional flamenco guitar school

Visit Online Flamenco

His first class is now online:



“THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE SOLEARES” is the first course of the ‘Fundamentals of the
Flamenco Guitar’ series. Whether you’ve never played the flamenco guitar, or just want to get an in-
depth training on basic techniques such as rasgueado, abanico, thumb and arpeggio, once you’ve
finished this course you’ll be familiar with all the key elements of the Soléa, and you will be able to
play two authentic flamenco solos in the Soleá style.

The approach of this course is 100% practical

Tthe maestro gives you in-depth
explanations on how to play each musical and technical element of the Soleá. Furthermore, he will
guide you through important issues such as how to study, the correct posture, position of both
hands, how to tune the guitar, how to file your fingernails, etc.

 Content of the course

Firstly, the maestro will give you practical advice that will help you
take the maximum benefit out of this course. Next, you’ll learn all the key aspects to play
comfortably in a correct sitting position. You’ll learn the different ways to tune your guitar as well
as how to file and take care of your nails.
This course consists of 35 videos and 135 minutes of material in which you will learn a lot’s of
interesting material:
  • Basic Compás and Variations
  • Basic Remate and Variations
  • Techniques: Thumb, Rasgueos, Abanico, Arpeggio and Slurs
  • Various Cierres
  • Various Llamadas
  • Basic Escobilla and Variations
  • 3 Thumb Falsetas
  • 2 Arpeggio Falsetas
  • All of the music of this course is carefully written out in tablatures and standard music notation
  • Available both in PDF and Guitar-Pro 6 format
  • All of the videos have English subtitles
  • Our website is mobile responsive and works perfectly on your mobile phone and tablet
  • You can view the videos as much as you want and you’ll have lifetime access to this course
  • 100% Guaranteed satisfaction: we apply a 7-day full money-back If you’re not happy with the course



In January 2016 Tino´s new cd Curioso Impertinente was released, you can listen to the cd on Bandcamp.com.

Gerardo Nuñez about Tino´s Curioso Impertinente:

“I know that Tino can proceed everything he preposes himself. I met him 20 years ago when his passion for flamenco was just lit.  He had came from the land of flamencos to become even more flamenco and brought with him his curiosity and impertinence. He integrated among us without losing his astonishment and insatiable interest witch permits him to learn.  With his record he tells us that music is great; that from his roots utterly flamenco he reaches out to a contemporary flamenco, were composition,harmony and counterpoint are unified naturally. If we would mirror ourselves with Tino, the curious impertinent, the flamenco two times flamenco, we would always remind ourselves who we are and where we come from, an, if we don´t lose our passion, discipline and generosity we will never lose our bearing. Congratulations Tino.”


If you one check out Tino´s concert´s and events check out the following list of 2016/17 and maybe something will be nearby

  • 19th until 22th of January in the Netherlands with the Orquest of Chekara at the dutch Bienale
  • 14 th and 15th of January in the Netherlands at the Bienale with his solo program, featuring Cepillo, Jan van Duikeren, Bart Wijtman and Vicente Gelo.
  • 25th november in Lagor (Paquistan) with Elena Machana
  • 3th of november in Nigeria with dancer Anabel Veloso
  • 25th of october in Milan with Carmen Gonzalez and singer Javier Rivera
  • 17th of october with Elene Machana in Qatar
  • 28th of july with Ana Morales in Tampere (Finland), also featuring Juan José Amador and Miguel Ortega
  • 3th of august Tino presents his Cd in Geneva
  • from the 7th until the 14th of august Tino will be giving a guitar workshop at Friedrichsrode (Germany)